Accommodation: Full apartment-vacation house

In the 300 year old farmhouse 'the Donkey' a large apartment with a private entrance is available to rent . For availability and prices contact us via the Contact page or visit (Reference ID: 54115)

There is no store in the village, and the Gite is out of business due to the Corina situation.
The town of Briancon is 15 minutes away. By mountain bike to town is also only 15 min downhill. Back up again is as much as 40 minutes of hard pedaling. In Cervieres you can rent bikes, see the page General.

Through the local tourist office you can find many activities in the area: canoeing, paragliding, but people mainly come to Terre Rouge for mountain hiking or just to relax. From Terre Rouge itself, several hikes can be started from a few hours to a full day. From the next village, Cervieres, one can even hike over the Col to Italy and then return by bus or hitchhiking.
In the mountains, no matter how beautiful the weather is, it is important to always bring enough warm clothing and a raincoat. If you are going alone, always let someone know in advance where you are going and when you will be back at the latest (and do not deviate from your route plan).


If you are interested, ask for availability via the Contact page.

Look also at


Then search for reference number ID: 54115

Photo: Back of the apartment: Windows* overlooking a vegetable garden, and above them a window of one of the bedrooms. 

(*) In Feb 2022, the windows were replaced with two doors for a private entrance.

There are two beds 190 cm long. There are also two beds 200 cm. And also a bunk bed with 190 cm beds. (Optionally an additional mattress can be used, so total for 7 people).


The entire vacation apartment can be rented, with two bedrooms, very large living room, kitchenette, shower and toilet. With a private terrace. From summer 2021 there is a private entrance.


    A larger bedroom with two beds (separate or together) note are only 1.90m long).

  • A small bedroom with a bunk bed, so for 2 people (note beds are only 1.90m long).

  • Optionally in the old Part (farm term) (now the living room) is the sofa to choose as a single or double bed (these are 2.00m long), do have good firm new mattresses.

  • So total standard 5 to 6 sleeping places. Optionally, a 7th mattress can be added.

  • The Part (now living room) consists of a lounge-dining room area and a bedroom area (not a separate room). In the living room area is a wood stove for a cool summer evening or in winter (wood is available). In winter, the wood stove is the main heater: still stoking in the evening, will then stay sufficiently warm until morning.

  • A private kitchenette with induction hob and fridge (no freezer), with pans, cutlery, glasses.

  • A private combination small shower & toilet room. Good hot water for the shower and kitchen.

  • For summer there is a small terrace near the entrance of about 2x2m, and next to the vegetable garden a private garden sloping down the slope, 3x4 m2.

  • Further in the summer you can still use the large front garden, also with campfire possibility and a gutter own land at 50m distance: a private garden with trees for some shade or open lawn and possibility to put a tent. So there is plenty of opportunity to choose sun or shade of your choice from early morning until late in the day.

  • Bedding is required: Included per person is 2 sheets, 1 pillowcase, 1 towel. Pillows and blankets are provided.
    It is recommended that you bring something like house slippers, slippers or sneakers for use inside, so that the mountain shoes can be taken off at the entrance.

  • Wired internet connection is available and optional Wifi can be turned on.

  • You can also use a landline telephone with free calls within EU countries to landline numbers (to mobile tel nr please keep it short). One can also possibly reach you on this landline phone nr.

  • In Terre Rouge you should not count on great luxury, there are no facilities such as swimming pool, stores etc. It is very quiet though, beautiful surroundings, a mountain river at the foot of the village. It is and wooded mountain area. There are only a few houses. There is hardly any traffic in the village, it is not a through road. Through the village street itself (to which the apartment is adjacent), a car comes through at most once a day.

  • In the area, apart from hiking, other activities are possible, ask the local tourist office: canoeing, rafting, paragliding, mountain bike tours, etc. Some hiking trips are also possible from Terre Rouge itself. See also the page General.
    A staff map of the area is available. In France hiking trails are not as well marked as in Switzerland, it is good to look at the map.
    Even though the weather is very nice and sunny 95% of the time in summer, always bring rain gear and something warm along the way.

  • See the detailed map of the house and garden at the bottom of this page

See the detail map home and garden at the bottom of this page


    There are also some nature camping spots available, where one can stand completely alone. Let us know in time to make reservations, but if you are in the area during the summer, use the contact -form (email).
    Calling is possible, France 00-33-4-92453798, but the phone is not often answered.

    Photo: One bedroom is with a bunk bed. Note: 190 cm long

    Who can rent or camp & Prices

    Rental only for people who love peace and nature. If interested please contact for more information, availability and prices.
    Also bookable at  Then search on the number Nature cottage ID: 54115 or search on Terre Rouge

    CAUTION: Use of toilet and open fire

    For campers: Open fire (campfire) is prohibited.

    Use of bathroom & toilet: Absolutely nothing else should be flushed down the toilet: that causes failure of a grinder pump (2500 euros) !!!


    Photo: A private kitchenette with sink, cold and hot water, cutlery, pans. Water is from its own well from the mountains. With an induction cooktop.
    A private small bathroom with toilet and shower.

    The "Deel" (old barn) consists of a very large living room: consisting of two parts. Wood is provided for the wood stove for cool evenings.

    Bed sofa (1 or 2 persons): 200 cm length (with normal good mattresses)

    A private terrace next to the vegetable garden.

    The apartment has a private entrance at the back, through the village street, but one may also enter through the front.

    From the bio-market in Briancon a view of the valley towards Terre Rouge, an exit on the road towards Col D'Izoard. This road is also often part of one of the stages of the Tour De France.

    Detail photo of apartment, garden and surroundings

    • (1) Front yard with Entrance of the chalet, with campfire area (front yard is shared). (Campfire only under adult supervision and control that water via garden hose is ready).
    • (2) Backyard/garden of the chalet (is on a slope, not well shown in the photo).
    • (3) Private small terrace in front of vacation home with its own garden/grass (4) (lies what a slope).
    • By prior arrangement, the garden (5) in front of the vacation home may also be used for pitching a tent, with trees for shade or open grass. Optionally, other more distant sites are available for a tent.

    Overview photo Terre Rouge and surroundings

    "Poubelle" is the collection point for glass / plastic / trash.
    Only a few of the possible camping sites are indicated.

    Calendar - availability

    Inquire about availability using the contact form.  Visit

    Reference Natural House ID: 54115, or possibly search on "Terre Rouge - Hautes-Alpes".

    For camping places see page Camping.