Some historical photos of Terre Rouge

The village of Terre Rouge (Red Earth) is at least a few hundred years old. The old farm is probably 300-400 years old.

Felicia Otter started renovating the house the Donkey - l'Ane from 1965. Over the years many people have helped.

Since 1990 Rene Otter has worked hard to bring the house back into good condition (see Pictures Renovation). For example, a new roof with dormer, wall insulation to also keep warm at night in winter at -10 to -20 C, replacing old water pipes and drains. Also all the glass in the windows have been replaced for double glazing and a lot of insulation has been installed. All with as many natural materials as possible.

Terre Rouge spring 1969 (the first year Rene Otter travelled with his aunt to Terre Rouge)

Rond 1975

A small church in the Hautes Alpes (not in Terre Rouge or Cervieres)





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