Terre Rouge and its surroundings in the winter

A great place to enjoy winter sports away from the hustle and bustle of mass slopes. 5 minutes away is a beautiful small cross-country ski area. For those who can handle more is a large unspoiled area available without paved tracks. Who can ski well and has touring experience can make some trips from Terre Rouge. But who still wants to hit the slopes can go to the extensive ski area 10 - 15 km away. But from Briancon (6km away) is the ski elevator direct connection to the large Serre Chevallier area.
In the winter it is really necessary to have winter tires on the car, and it is sometimes mandatory to have snow chains with you to get over a mountain pass. It is better than having "Dutch standard" wind tires to have real snow tires on the two driven wheels.
At night it can cool down quite a bit but during the day there is usually a nice "mountain sun", think about UV protection or slowly getting used to the sun.