Kamperen in Terre Rouge

There are only a few nature sites available for camping in Terre Rouge: Aire Naturelle.  Suitable for small to moderately large tents. A maximum of 3 tents (or exceptionally 4 small tents) will be present at the same time, spread over all the sites.

It is not a luxury campsite with many facilities. It is just a few fine natural sites. For children there is only playing by the river or in the forest.
The distance to the house with toilet and shower depends on the location from 50 meters to 5 minutes walk. 
A bathroom in the house can be used and from summer 2023 an additional bathroom is available for campers. There is an opportunity to wash dishes, tap drinking water and an outlet for some charging.

There is good cell phone coverage in Terre Rouge and the surrounding area these days.

There are no other facilities in the village, there is no store. The Gite unfortunately went bankrupt due to the Corona measures.
In Cervieres there is a restaurant, but otherwise there are no stores. In Refuge Napoleon at the top of the Col d'Izoard there is also a restaurant.
Further down in the valley of Les Font is a very cozy little restaurant, but it is advisable to make reservations to eat there in the evening....
The town of Briancon (6 km away) does have many stores, including a laundromat etc. 

In Cerviere there is a store that rents bicycles and in winter ski equipment and snowshoes.

For more information contact me, or search on www.natuurhuisje.nl

  • Then search Terre Rouge, Hautes Alpes France, ID number 54115  voor het huis L'Ane.
  • Or for the camping sites the ID numbers (I) 61906, (2) 61658, (3) 69240, (4) 70930, (5) 70931, (6)  70934
    or the number 61657 which includes a small 3-person tent, for example, for those who are in the area and do not have camping gear with them.


Below are the 6 camping sites described from which to choose.

(On request a few other camping locations are available)

As of 2023, there is a separate bathroom for campers

But it is also possible to use the bathroom in the house itself.

Camp site 1 - Ravine Slope (Plot 629)

(A bit of a walk, only a wheelbarrow can bring the stuff, secluded, for max 2 medium-sized tents)

This is a plot 3 minutes walk from the L'Ane house (about 400 meters). Completely secluded, shielded by some small trees from the main road. There is only a little noise from the through road across the valley. It is next to the ravine. The photo is unfortunately still at the beginning of spring, the grass there is still yellow.
It is a nice horizontal terrain. Suitable for one or two small to moderately large tents. It's a bit of a hike with the gear, because the distance to the road is 200 meters. There is a wheelbarrow to borrow, there is not really a very flat path, sometimes the farmer plows a bit far at the edge of the path.  A flashlight to walk to the house L'Ane at night is necessary.pen.

Camp site 2 - Next to the vegetable gardens of the village (Plot 652)

(Only 75 meters walk from the road, well out of sight, for fairly large tent + a small one)

A place surrounded by bushes , next to the vegetable gardens of the village. So only 1 minute walk from the house L'Ane.
There is a little noise from the main road, but that is mainly on weekends. The through road is a well-known Tour de France route.
Bringing stuff is only about 75 meters walk from the road.

Camp site 3 - Front yard (Plot 663)

(Among the trees, with grassy area, screened by a firewood wall, for 1 or 2 small tents).

Diagonally opposite the house L'Ane, is an area with trees. There are several places to place a small tent. You can put the tent in the bright sun, but it gets very hot in the middle of summer. So better is under the trees. For those who do not want to be so remote it is a suitable place.
Power lines run across part of the site, so that part is not so suitable for a tent.  The site is largely shielded from the village road by stacks of firewood 1 1/2 meters high for the stove in winter. This is not a through road, only occasional cars to the 10 or so houses in the village.

Camp site 4 - Near the bridge (Plot 670)

(Near the bridge and next to the river, among the trees)

A site close to the bridge and next to the river, screened by vegetation. All the large lawn and slope (672, 671, 675, 676, and 677) also belong to the house L'Ane, but the tent please place sheltered between the vegetation, close to the river. You will not hear the sound of the cars that occasionally cross the bridge to the village because of the sound of the river. 

Camp site 5 - In the woods (Plot 855)

(For a medium-sized tent + possibly a second small tent)

A fairly open site in the forest, but quite a lot of shade. The terrain is fairly level, a bit bumpy here and there. Suitable for a moderately large tent possibly a second small tent.  The river is nearby (100 meters).

Camp site 6 - Large meadow (Plot 873)

(A large grassy field surrounded by forest - far walk, close to the river, 1 large tent and small ones)

A large open field in the forest and close to the river. It is quite a distance walking (5-6 minutes) from the house L'Ane, but to bring the stuff you can get there with a wheelbarrow (about 600 meters). There are some fairly horizontal spots. But a very small slope you have to accept. It is a "nature campsite," not a perfect soccer field. A forest path does run across the site, but very few people pass by. A good pocket lantern to walk to the L'Ane house at night is necessary, and it is a long walk. There is space for a moderate-sized tent and one or two small tents. 

Preferably choose a spot that is not so visible from the main road across the street, then you will be all alone in nature.









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