Renovation: recent work done on the house the Donkey - l'Ane starting 1990

Since about 1990 Rene Otter has been working hard to bring the house back into good condition and modernize it a little. A new roof, with a dormer afterwards, lots of wall insulation so that even in winter at -10 or -15 C it will be nice and warm. Replacing old water pipes and drains. Also replacing all the glass in the windows with double glazing. Two new toilets, a new kitchen, two new showers. Completely replaced floors and more breaking work. A new wood stove and new pellet stove and two new chimneys. 

An attic apartment: In the attic a nice apartment (kitchen, study, living room, two bedrooms and mezzanine, which is now permanently occupied. 

A vacation apartment: A nice apartment for all vacations (suitable for summer, spring/autumn and winter) with two new bedrooms for family and guests (two separate bedrooms and a total of 6 beds), living room with wood stove and separate kitchen, toilet and shower. Camping in the summer with  a small or medium size tent is also possible.